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ZEYUN GmbH is engaged in the lighting & electronics industry.

IIt was established in 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany. 


The company provides a wide range of innovation and energy-saving lighting solutions like architectural lighting, exterior lighting, home lighting, light sources and a range of auxiliary equipment.

In the sensor and sensor lights field, ZEYUN has overwhelming advantage. 

We regularly introduce new products which combine innovation with functionality, and we pay close attention to their efficiency and durability to make sure they serve you best in your daily life. We keep track of worldwide trends and cutting edge technologies. 


Our motto is “innovate your light” with the purpose is reduce the energy cost and let the lighting be more automatic and user-friendly. This means that we operate in strict compliance with the standards and legal regulations applicable in all of its markets, adopt the up-to-date technology to reduce the energy cost which uses our products, considering every aspect to simplify in operating our products. 


A local warehouse in Düsseldorf enable us to shorten the delivery time to our customers in Germany and all over Europe. ZEYUN guarantees an after-sales service which makes it easy for you to register a complaint or return your products, if you are in any way dissatisfied. 


We will therefore endeavor to be a reliable and capable supplier of quality products offering excellent value for your money. 


We look forward to work with you! 


Leopoldstr. 2-8

32051 Herford


 +49 (0) 202 2615 7467

 +49 (0) 202 2615 7467

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