Automation, Comfort and Energy-saving

More than light up


ZEYUN lights not only detects the movement, but measure ambient light, wireless connects between lights. Let's reduce unnecessary illumination and simplify you the illumination.

Light source

ZEYUN light sources combines light source, motion sensor and photo sensor in one bulb. Let's reduce the electronic equipment on your ceiling or wall.  


ZEYUN Sensor detects the movement, ambient light, turn on your light, emitting your motion to another light and/or dimming your light... Let's innovate your lights more be more efficient and functional.

The latest innovate products we bring you

The ceiling light most impressive feature is its wireless connection, intelligent and also it's a robust construction. With a simply stir dip switch all the units link together. Light up signal from one light, which is triggered by movement motion, emits to the others. It makes sense especially in a long corridor, hall or staircase. The robust material and well construction realize an ideal heat dissipation, the during life of led for 5 years is guaranteed.  

The solution for outdoor is the HF Sensor. Outdoor has very low and very high temperature and the infrared sensor problems have problems to perfor correctly in those temperatures, but HF sensor can! The latest designed outdoor HF Sensor is ideal solution for the lights with movement detection renovation. 




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